Young Coconut

Hi, I’m Young Coconut and welcome to my page.

young coconut

I am a member of the Suburban Bicycle Gang, which is both a band from here in South-western Ontario and a lifestyle of hardened thuggery as well. 

Because gangs are for life.  The only way out is in a body bag.

While the reaper is definitely on my tail, my focus in life has been, besides doing the things that gangs do, to make music.

I have been in a number of musical outfits over the years and completed many albums, all under the Fauxtown Records label.

Here are some of those acts: 

May as well start with my solo material…

Young Coconut

These are my solo albums.  I generally produce these myself, with some collaboration with others.

All The Rad Snakes

Rowdy Jumbal

Wrongin’ The Rights

I Got a Vibe

Christmas in the Dominican

Bieber Heads

Insufficient Funds

Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘N Roll, and Hobbits

4-Track Experiments

Stand Back

Up next… The ‘Rents

The ‘Rents

The ‘Rents are myself, Jerry Grey, J.K. Phil Osé, and Jillian Collins.

Shaved Silver

Higher resolution album cover for Shaved Silver:

the rents shaved silver

Up next… Vanity Plate

Vanity Plate

Vanity Plate is myself and Jillian Collins, with help from Syd the Gypsy on guitar, Nick Iden recording, and Kyle Gruber mixing and mastering.

Blown To Stardust

Higher resolution album cover for Blown to Stardust:

Up next… The Approachables

The Approachables

The Approachables are myself, Ben van Dyk, Phil Delisle, Adrian Bos, Marco Pedrosa, and Jason Stone.

On Sound Stage Mountain

Higher resolution album cover of On Sound Stage Mountain:

Cemetery Sweets

Up next… Whatever


Whatever is myself and Eric St-Pierre.


Up next … Lazu Lie

Lazu Lie

Lazu Lie is myself, M.D. Edwards, Livestalk, Taz Milo, Joseph Gallo Jr., and Android M.

Abusually Intuit

Here we are at Shawn Davison’s home studio, where the first EP was made.

lazu lie at shawn davisons


Higher resolution album cover for Lazu Lie self-titled album:

lazu lie album art

Lazu Lie Music Videos

Up next … Try Hardz

Try Hardz Albums

Try Hardz is myself and J.K. Phil Osé.

Midget Made Giant

Try Harder (In Space)

Try Hard With A Vengeance (On Earth)

The Trial of Don Carbone

Up next… some 8-bit stuff

Fauxtown Does Chiptune

Fauxtown Does Chiptune is a collection of 8-bit chiptune-style covers of various Fauxtown Records bands.